Annie Zamero
About Me

 ''A warrior is an impeccable hunter who hunts power. Only as a warrior can one survive the path of knowledge.'' Carlos Castaneda, ''Journey to Ixtlan''

''...You will have to wrestle with [the ally]...and tame it. If you survive...your ally will spin you, alone, into unkown worlds.  Spinning with your ally will change your idea of the world.''
  Carlos Castaneda, ''Journey to Ixtlan''`

The main theme in my work is that of conflict and opposites or opposing forces.  Initially I considered conflict as terrorism. However, I then read "Tales of Power" and ''Journey to Ixtlan'' by Carlos Castanada which are about becoming a warrior or person of great power, capable of magical feats, for which perfect inner balance is essential. This led to the idea of the terrorist as a warrior, but in the mystical sense. It also led to considerations of inner conflict and Carl Jung's ideas of the psyche. Jung suggests inner conflict is due to opposing forces setting up a tension in the psyche ("Memories, Dreams, Reflections"). Fusing these ideas together I began the "Warrior" series of photomontages and paintings.

The cave-like landscapes represent the inner world in Jungian terms. They are also landscapes of internal conflict within the psyche in which Self and Other are represented by figures of mythical or magical presence - 'warriors', mystical terrorists of the psyche who battle for knowledge, and 'allies', who if tamed will spin the warrior into the unknown in a terrifying ecstasy of revelation.

In this fantasy-real landscape the characters are involved in a dramatic conflict. Symbolism, juxtaposed with abstract elements, combine the mystical with a contextualised political reality.

Influences are Jurgen Klauke (masked terrorists in his "Antlitze" series, 1972), George Grosz (political collage), Henry Moore (drawings of masked /bandaged figures) and Raphael (cupids from "Triumph of Galatea", 1511). Of contextual relevance is Mariko Mori (''Esoteric Cosmos'', 1996).
Considering the underlying theme in my work of conflict and opposites, I have also explored opposites in the form of irony and satire in an earlier series of paintings. It interests me that opposites can create both humour and conflict.
The satirical paintings are of public figures set in an art historical context, therefore humour is an important element in the work. Like George Condo I think that painting can be both challenging and comedic; Condo asks us to consider how absurd a painting can be and yet be 'serious'. I share his sense of the ridiculous and strive for a convergence of gravitas and the cartoon. Satire can also be serious, and like Gerald Scarfe I am interested in using satire to uncover aspects of my chosen subjects that they would rather not reveal as part of their public persona.

Using art historical references with contemporary subjects brings art history into modernity, giving it a contemporary relevance. It also steeps the modern within the richness of painting tradition, echoing the characters of times long past and linking with their lives and dramas. Also it involves the idea of the political cartoon as a piece of fine art. My main inspiration comes either from looking at old masters or from seeing media images of a public figure. I am particularly interested in the Baroque period for its sense of drama, and more recently the Rococo period for its flamboyance.

Other Influences are  John Currin for "creating" people (using contemporary magazine photos in an art historical context), Rembrandt for character and costume and Mauritzio Cattelan for the political cartoon as fine art. Also of contextual relevance is Alison Jackson for satirising public figures.



2013:  'The Magma Group 2013 Show'  The Vibe Gallery London SE16
            Group selected by Mark Bean, Director Vibe Gallery

2012:  The Other Art Fair, Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London NW1
Selected by Ian Rosenfeld, Director Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery; Francesca Gavin, visual arts editor,
            Dazed and Confused; Edward Lucie-Smith, art critic and writer; James Hopkins, artist.

2012:  'Elizabethan Avant-Garde' Bermondsey Project, London SE1
Selected by Edward Lucie-Smith and Charles Thomson.

2012:  Affordable Art Exhibition Vol 4, The Vibe Gallery, London, SE16
Selected by Mark Bean, Director Vibe Gallery.

2011:  'Connection Point London' Bermondsey Project, London SE1
Selected by Edward Lucie Smith and Max Presneill of the Torrenc Art Museum, Los Angeles.

 2011:  Parallax Art Fair, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London SW1
Selected by Gayane Umerova, Sothebys (UK) Ltd.

2011:  'Enemies of Art'  Lauderdale House, London N6
Selected by Charles Thomson and Edward Lucie - Smith

2010:  Liverpool Biennial, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
Selected by Ken Martin, Director View Two Gallery

2008:  European Capital of Culture Festival, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
Selected by Ken Martin, Director View Two Gallery

2007: 'Rising Stars'   ' A' Gallery, London, SW19
Selected by Frasier Kee-Scott,  Director 'A' Gallery

2007:  Salon des Arts Summer Show, 191 Queens Gate, London SW7
Selected by Peter Templeton, R.A. and Danielle Dodd, Director of Salon des Arts.


2014:  'Heaven and Hell', Espacio Gallery, London E1
           Annie Zamero  selected by Carlos de Lins, Director, and selection  committee
           of Espacio Galler

2014:  'Unrest and Instability' The Magma Group,The Griffin Gallery London W11
            Group selected by  Rebecca Pelly - Fry, Director, Griffin Gallery

2013:  The Magma Group, Southwark Studios Project Space London SE1


2013:  'Art Cloud 4' Festival of Contemporary Visions, Multiverso, FLORENCE
2013:  'On The Cross' Tabernacle Gallery, London W11
2012:  Bow Arts Open, Bow Arts Trust, Bow Road London E3
2012:  'The Magma Group' -'Fusion'  Apricot Gallery, The Rag Factory, London E1
2011:  International  Artspace, Adzac House Museum, PARIS
2011:  'The Future Crayon'  George Tavern Arts Centre, London E1  
2010:  'Remodernist Show'  Lauderdale House, London N6 
2010:  Artspace Galleries, Maddox Street, London W1
2010:  Private Art Auction at the home of Tom Conti, London NW3
2010:  'Under the Cover of Romantic Anonymity'  Ash-In-Art Gallery, ATHENS
2009:  Matisonn Burgin Gallery, London, EC2
2009:  Stoke Newington Fringe Festival, Praxis Warehouse, London, N16
2009:  West-Eleven-Gallery, London, W11
2007:  Novas Summer Show, Novas Gallery, London, NW1.


2013:  'Warriors and Allies'  Levitski Gallery, London E5
2011:  'Politics and Royals', Lauderdale House, London N6
2009:   Levitski Gallery, London E5
2007:  The Salon des Arts, London, SW7


2014:  'Unrest and Instability'  The Magma Group, The Griffin Gallery, London W11
2013:  'The Magma Group Show 2013'  The Vibe Gallery, London SE16
2012:  'The Other Art Fair' The Magma Group  London NW1,
2012:  'Fusion' The Magma Group,  Apricot Gallery, The Rag Factory, London E1
2009:  West-Eleven Gallery, London W11


2013:  Joint Organiser, Bermondsey Arts Festival
2012:  Director and performer in The Magma Group's Public Performance at The Other Art Fair (Video on YouTube)
2012:  Talk at Parallax Art Fair:- "Forming an Artists' Collective", Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London SW3
2012:  Director and performer in The Magma Group's Public Performance at Tate Modern (Video on YouTube)
2011:  Founded The Magma Group ( an international artists' exhibiting group
2010:  Talk at Private Auction at home of Tom Conti, London NW3 


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Dean Hall, Impasto Art Management, Clerkenwell, London
Elizabeth Layfield, Land Agents, Mayfair, London
Tim Clarke, Morgan Stanley Bank, Hong Kong
Steve Abrahams, London
Elsa Dax-Kerr, Paris


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